There are certain steps that should always be done when updating your node to new code. This will be a generic list of what to do when updating which should be near enough the same whatever way the app is installed. Commands might vary depending on your OS below.

If using the Ubuntu (14.04, Ansible) there is no need to do anything special. Just re-run the role!

Check the changelog

When updating the code, make sure you check the Changelog for any notes about the changes. Sometimes extra manual steps might be required or an update could take a long time due to database migrations.

Change to Socialhome user

Change to user socialhome for the rest of the guide.

sudo su - socialhome

Activate virtualenv

workon socialhome

Pull in latest code or release

To pull in a release:

# Replace release tag with the release, for example "v0.3.1"
git fetch && git checkout <release tag>

To pull in master branch head:

git pull

Install Python dependencies

We use the pip-tools command to ensure dependencies are at the correct versions.


Run migrations

python manage.py migrate

Install statics

npm install
node_modules/.bin/bower install
npm run build
python manage.py collectstatic

Restart the app

sudo service socialhome restart


Check the application and have fun!