Socialhome has a REST API. This allows to build clients, bots and alternative frontends.

Note, some parts of the API are still work in progress and thus changes could still happen.

API routes

The API methods and data can be browsed using the ReDoc docs endpoint /api/. Shown endpoints and data depends on your user credentials (log-in using the menu if not already). If you prefer Swagger docs, you can find them at /api/swagger/.


The API supports two authentication methods:

Session authentication

This means when you are logged into Socialhome, you automatically have usage of the API from the browser. Note however that POST/PUT/PATCH methods will require CSRF tokens.

Token authentication

API authentication can happen by setting the required HTTP header as follows:

Authorization: Token 9944b09199c62bcf9418ad846dd0e4bbdfc6ee4b

Your client can obtain a token for the user by posting username and password as form data or JSON to the view /api-token-auth/. This will return a token and limited user profile informations as follows:

  "url": "",
  "image_url_small": "",
  "uuid": "68f61327-1305-4354-b56c-6549d196a325",
  "is_local": true,
  "handle": "user-0@",
  "home_url": "",
  "name": "",
  "token": "2a37e74f235b044b275141b2d4605ca900617d13",
  "id": 1

Users can also retrieve and regenerate tokens from the UI from their profile menu.


The API is made with Django REST Framework. Help is welcome to expand the API!


See the Clients section.